Jesus Green Swimming Pool in Cambridge, what’s not to like? Here’s a shortish video of it being filled. This happens just a couple of weeks before it opens in May. There’s more information here: Cambridge City Council and at the Friends of Jesus Green.

Whether you call it a lido or a pool, this is the longest one in Britain at 100 yards and is one of Cambridge’s treasures.  I know, there’s all the libraries and museums and especially the Fitzwilliam, which I love as they gave me an exhibition but this really is something else. If you’re visiting Cambridge for a few days, then check the timetable and go for an early morning swim (although possibly not in May!) The triathletes bomb up and down first thing in their wetsuits but from about 8.30 it can be heaven and you may even have the whole pool to yourself. This will not be the case if you go punting.

A couple of years ago I was commissioned to produce a large scale photograph, referencing Hockney’s “A Bigger Splash.” So early one morning, armed with the appropriate permissions, we headed off to Jesus Green. We took a lot of photographs; jumping in then climbing out then jumping in… and this was the final selection.

Cobalt Splash by Howard Guest. 6 panels 86 x 74 inches in total.

Cobalt Splash 6 panels 86 x 74 inches in total.