Cider Gum Eucalyptus Bark 100% Silk Scarf Made in Britain

“Howard’s silk scarf was the most wonderful surprise present I have ever received. I always wear it when I want to look and feel special.”

Close-up photographs printed on silk that produce gloriously natural scarves. Cider Gum Eucalyptus Bark 100% Silk Scarf, available in the Shop.

I am a photographer based in Cambridge

Fine Art


…and silk scarves

I am a photographer based in Cambridge, UK. My work includes corporate and portrait photography and fine art photography. I have clients in the public, private and charitable sectors and, like most photographers, I undertake personal projects. Most of my work involves portraits (but not always) and usually in a work related context.

And, I make scarves by printing photographs on to silk.

I have had a major exhibition at the Fitzwilliam Museum, in Cambridge as well as at Summerhall in Edinburgh. The former was a series of portraits of the staff and students of the University of Cambridge and was commissioned as part of the 800th anniversary of the founding of the University. The latter was a series of large scale photographs of tree bark. These photographs are abstract in nature and came out of a personal project. The bark photographs gave rise to my silk scarves that are available to purchase elsewhere on this site. My first exhibition was at the MacRobert Arts Centre, Stirling in 1983 and featured street photography and abstract lith film images, a subject which I’m revisiting. Parts of this show moved to the Edinburgh Theatre Workshop.

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Beautiful Silk Scarves

featuring close-up photographs of tree bark

Made in Britain


Horse Chestnut Bark Silk Scarf


Black Pine Bark Silk Scarf


Cider Gum Eucalyptus Bark Silk Scarf


Japanese Cypress Bark Silk Scarf with box and pamphlet

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Tree bark is so naturally varied and beautiful. Creating the images on silk has produced something exceptional and exquisite. Here are some of my customers’ comments.

"I first saw Howard's scarves at his studio. Howard held the scarves up to show us and I realised how beautiful they were; so beautiful that I cried! I must have told this story to the man who bought it for me that Christmas. It was the most wonderful surprise present I have ever received. I always wear it when I want to look and feel special."

Lucy H

"I bought one of Howard's scarves for my mother's birthday. It was the Japanese Cypress, which has beautiful autumnal colours and tones. Well she absolutely adores it, as do all her friends. The colours all work well and I had trouble in choosing one as they are all so beautifully done."

Phil W

"A beautiful heavy silk scarf in wonderful colours which looks particularly effective worn with black. Presented in a specially engineered box, this was a very luxurious gift."

Fiona B

"Easily the most beautiful scarf I have ever owned, I feel really special wearing it, and have two"

Kate H

"A beautifully manufactured and presented scarf which really does stand out as a quality item."

Nigel M


This is a selection of portraits is from various assignments and personal projects.

There are more example portraits, as well as series of portraits from personal projects, listed under the menu item

Projects and Portfolios.

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Cobalt Splash

C-type prints mounted on Formed PVC

86 x 74 inches – an edition of 5 +1AP

Cobalt Splash