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Newton Silk Scarf


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This pure satin silk scarf, made in Britain, features a design using diagrams and text from Newton’s personal copy of the Principia as well as his annotations. The Principia, which outlines universal gravitation was published in 1687 and is regarded by many as one of the most important scientific book ever written.

Combining both design and history this scarf is an object of beauty and style and sure to be a talking point. The perfect statement, visually stunning and a delight to wear.

The scarf comes in a designer box with a pamphlet about Newton, the book and the scarf.

The perfect gift for yourself or someone special.

Size: Approximately 180cm x 68cm
Material: 100% satin silk
Finish: Rolled edges
Made in Britain
Supplied boxed with a pamphlet in English

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In stock

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the design story and provenance

Our Newton Silk Scarf is the first of our historic series. It is expertly printed on satin silk and Made in Britain. It features diagrams and text taken from Newton’s personal copy of the first edition of the Philosophiæ Naturalis Principia Mathematica that is held in the Library at Trinity College, Cambridge. The Principia was first published on 5th July 1687 and several of the images used in creating the silk scarf show Newton’s annotations for the second edition. Each individual image was photographed and then added to the design whilst the background of the mottled gold was created from an image of a single page of the book with all the diagrams and text removed.

Portfolio and Lookbook

The Newton 100% Silk Scarf

The Principia2020-04-14T14:32:12+00:00
Newton’s Statue in Trinity College2019-10-16T16:11:52+00:00
Newton’s Apple Tree2019-10-16T16:00:22+00:00
Newton’s Death Mask2019-10-16T16:15:01+00:00
The Newton Silk Scarf with Box2019-10-16T16:21:22+00:00
The Newton Silk Scarf Detail 22019-10-09T08:35:38+00:00
The Newton Silk Scarf Detail2019-10-09T08:35:44+00:00
The Newton Silk Scarf2019-10-09T08:35:51+00:00
The Newton Silk Scarf2019-10-09T08:35:57+00:00


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