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Swamp Cypress Tree Bark 100% Silk Scarf


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This pure satin silk scarf, made in Britain, features a close-up photograph of the bark of the Swamp Cypress tree. Its subtle lines of fawns and browns are a glorious testament to Nature’s unrivalled beauty.

Combining both art and technology, these scarves are objects of beauty and style, a perfect statement, visually stunning and a delight to wear.

The scarf comes beautifully packaged in an elegant box, perfect as a gift and perfect for looking after the scarf. There's also a pamphlet that tells you about the trees.

For Nature lovers everywhere.

Size: Approximately 180cm x 68cm
Material: 100% satin silk
Finish: Rolled edges
Made in Britain

What my customers say

“I have received two of Howard's beautiful scarves as gifts. I am absolutely delighted with both of my scarves. They are different in colour but both have a warmth of hue which is wonderfully enticing. They are incredibly silky and soft, yet very wearable and tieable as they don't slip, I could not be happier well unless …there is another one I would like and Christmas is coming …”

Heather C

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In stock

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the design story and provenance

The Taxodium distichum is the official state tree of Louisiana and is associated with the swamps. It was first introduced to Britain in the mid 1600’s and has become a popular ornamental tree due in part to its beautiful pink/brown swirling bark. The Swamp Cypress is very long lived tree. This particular tree is in the Fellows’ Garden at Clare College. It stands beside the river adjacent to Clare Bridge. There are no records of when it was planted but it is assumed to be at the turn of the twentieth century, making this tree a mere youngster.

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The Swamp Cypress 100% Silk Scarf

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