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Japanese Cypress Tree 100% Silk Scarf


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This pure satin silk scarf, made in Britain, features a close-up photograph of the bark of the Japanese Cypress tree. It’s all reds, pinks and dashes of gold and green. A glorious testament to Nature’s unrivalled beauty.

Combining both art and technology, these scarves are objects of beauty and style, a perfect statement, visually stunning and a delight to wear.

The scarves come in designer boxes with a pamphlet about the trees and the back story of the scarves.

A sheer joy, visually captivating, refined and elegant. A statement.

Size: Approximately 180cm x 68cm
Material: 100% satin silk
Finish: Rolled edges
Made in Britain

What my customers say

“A lovely silky surprise that goes on pleasing. What a great gift this was, individual, classy and a thing of beauty. The scarf drew, and continues to draw, appreciative and admiring comments. If you want to get into anyone's good books you can't go wrong with one of Howard's scarfs – thanks Howard!”

Duncan L

“The Japanese Cypress made for a wonderful gift to my Mother. I hear she is so impressed that Howard's scarves are now her preferred gift for friends!”

Richard S

“Strong subtle shades and shapes of rich natural oranges and deep browns mingled with gentle silvery soft hues of both. This scarf works well in soft folds of silk whichever way it is worn. Best quality silk feels luxurious to wear and frequently admired and commented on. Compliments a variety of colours happily.

Belinda RJ

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Only 1 left in stock

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the design story and provenance

Our Japanese Cypress Silk Scarf is one our most successful silk scarves. It is expertly printed on satin silk and Made in Britain and features a close-up photograph of the bark of a Japanese Cypress tree that is growing in the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh.  The bark is all glorious reds, pink and browns with streaks of orange, at once both modern and contemporary whilst retaining a sheer elegance and sophistication. The tree was introduced to the garden in 1968.

The Japanese Cypress Chamaecyparis obtusa originates in Japan and it will live for about 600 years and can reach 35m in height.

Portfolio and Lookbook

The Newton 100% Silk Scarf

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2 reviews for Japanese Cypress Tree 100% Silk Scarf

  1. jacqueline.james

    The beautiful quality soft silk, complements the design taken from nature. The russets and soft green blending with the dark brown are colours that should be dull but the scarf is vibrant and itself seems to complement many different outfits.Even the box it came in, is a surprise, with a lovely keepsake booklet about the trees photographed and the source of the images. A wonderful gift.

  2. scalesman

    I gave this scarf as a present, as I liked it so much as a design and also as a brilliant accessory for all occasions. The gift was a triumphant success! Thank you Howard Guest!

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