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Spur Leaf Bark 100% Silk Scarf


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This pure satin silk scarf, made in Britain, features a close-up photograph of the bark of the Spur Leaf tree. Subtle shades of silver and grey are interspersed with splotches of orange. Nature mad with colour.

Combining both art and technology, these scarves are objects of beauty and style, a perfect statement, visually stunning and a delight to wear.

The scarf comes beautifully packaged in an elegant box, perfect as a gift and perfect for looking after the scarf. There's also a pamphlet that tells you about the trees.

Capturing the unseen, the unnoticed and making a statement.

Size: Approximately 180cm x 68cm
Material: 100% satin silk
Finish: Rolled edges
Made in Britain

What my customers say

“Beautiful and elegant. Wonderful to wear and feels very special. Admired by many when I wear it. The packaging makes it a perfect gift.”

Pamela L

“I am ever so lucky to have acquired my beautiful Spur Leaf silk scarf from Howard Guest. It is simply divine and so awesome to wear. Being a fond lover of the natural world and having traveled to some tropical rain forests myself, I was intrigued by Howard's wonderful observations and research of tree bark and then to create such delicate elegance onto 100% Silk. I feel I have chosen the most precious scarf. The Spur Leaf is perfect for me. I wear it to many occasions and I always feel great when I do. A wonderful creation.”

Joanne T

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the design story and provenance

The Spur Leaf Scarf was made using a close-up photograph of a tree growing in the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh.

This tree hails from western China, Vietnam and Myanmar (Burma) and is increasingly rare in the wild, because of the loss of its natural habitat. This is compounded as it is rather a plane tree so is not often planted in ornamental gardens. However, up close, its bark is glorious and looks like chiselled wood, full of craters, which catch the light producing beautiful patterns. The tree is notable for its primitive vegetation type with water conducting cells in its wood. Its Chinese name is Shui Qing Shu, which literally means water verdant tree. This tree was collected in 1901 and planted in the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh in 1905.

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Spur Leaf Tree Bark 100% Silk Scarf

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The Spur Leaf Silk Scarf by Howard Guest. Naturally elegant, the silvers and oranges shimmer with style.  A perfect accessory for  nights out. #HowardGuestSilks #scarf #silk #silver #grey #orange

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  1. willow-bank

    “Beautiful and elegant. Wonderful to wear and feels very special. Admired by many when I wear it. The packaging makes it a perfect gift.”
    Pamela L

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